Happiness And Relaxation


Happiness and relaxation are states of mind that we can induce by the use of simple techniques that we can learn to perform anywhere anytime.


Life can at times seem to be so full of activity that time just seems to fly away, not leaving us any time for ourselves, so we begin to feel the pressure, our mood changes to one of anxiety, and unhappiness.

I would like to share with you a technique that I found recently that can trigger that comforting feeling of relaxation and happiness. If you follow this routine then at anytime you feel the need, just press your trigger.

  1. Close your eyes and remember a time when you felt wonderfully happy and excited. Picture what you saw,feel what you felt, hear what you heard.look at the picture of this memory, and take notice.
  2. Is it a still picture, or a movie? if it is a still picture-see if you can change it to a movie.
  3. Is it in colour or black and white? if it is black and white, see if you can change it to colour and make the colours as bright and vivid as possible, and make the picture as big as you can.
  4. Can you smell anything? try to remember any smells that were around at the time, (the sea, cooking, a perfume, aftershave, anything that you can remember)
  5. Sounds, were ther any sounds that you can relate to your picture, like music playing, kids laughter, waves crashing on the beach, listen to them and let them wash over you, stimulating the memory.
  6. Let these feeling flow through you and see if you can intensify them, when these feelings are as strong as you can possible make them, move to the next step to anchor them.
  7. Press together your thumb and your middle finger to anchor this feeling. Do this several times when you are feeling at you most happy in your memory.

As you continue to look at the picture / movie- float into it so that you are part  of it- look around you and make it even more vivid. Then anchor this feeling again.

Anytime you want to return to this feeling of relaxation and happiness, Just press your anchor. If the feeling deminishes just repeat the steps above.



I wish you every happiness.


Generating Leads~How?


Without a system for generating leads for your business, whether that is a bricks and mortar business or an online business: you are “dead in the water,” to quote an old nautical term, or at worst your business is sunk.

What kind of system do we need? well we need somehow to gather what we call qualified leads for our particular niche, there is absolutly no point in gathering leads, who at the end of the day would not be interested in our product.

In the network marketing industry we talk about attraction marketing, by this we mean attracting leads to us from people who are either already in our niche and looking for new opportunities, or the new marketer seeking a way into our industry. It is important therefore to have in place a lead generating system that attracts that group of potential customers/partners.

Lead generation online can be a mine field, there are literally loads of Guru’s out there willing to sell you all sorts of wonderful training packages,  with the promise of great results. There are many ways online to generate leads, for example you could use the blogging method, set up your own website, learn all about SEO, key word research, and be good at copy writing, or you could try article marketing, submitting articles to the many ezine companies, You Tube video’s, Google ad words, Face book… I could go on and on. Is it any wonder so many people, come into our business get overwhelmed, and before long drop out overwhelmed and frustrated, with their pockets much lighter than when they started.

Many budding online entrpreneurs arrive online clutching these magic programmes, hoping that they will make some decent money in double quick time. I promise you there is no magic formulae except for hard work and dedication to your continued learning curve.

The Good News !!

There are ways online to reduce the heartache of hours of struggle trying to understand how to set up your own platform, lets look at this logically, why try to reinvent the wheel, when all you require is already set up for you.

What you need is a lead generation system that is capable of getting good results and one that can help any budding business person to remain in control of their budget and the whole lead generation system. You need a system that can teach budding entrepreneurs the most current and up to date lead generation system of acquiring fresh, targeted, qualified leads…

…You need a lead generation process that is affordable, scalable and one that allows you time to have a life.

So Here’s some much needed ground breaking News…

If 2 homeless guys can create an army of devoted followers, paying out over $6 million dollors in commissions in just under 6 months, PAID Directly in to their bank accounts! Do You think you could copy their “PROVEN”  lead generation process and take a healthy slice of the pie by getting 100% of what you sell?.

Is this the lead generation process you should implement and follow? Think of it as revolutionary if you like… Click Here and discover the controversial reason WHY it works so well?

Kenneth Adams.

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Easy Money method? Well that depends on where you start.




There are hundreds of Gurus out there who will try to convince you that they have found the secret elixir that will turn your efforts online into gold if you just follow their system. Been there done that.The knowledge and skills required to be successful online are many and varied, and each one needs time patience and perseverance to master, and of course the expensive training package on offer for just $$ for that usual time limited period!! I am sure you have seen them; yes I have bought into them as well.





The question I would ask you right now is “Do you/we need to go through all that time consuming frustration and information overload just to make some extra money/time for our families.
The idea of working from home and marketing online is so attractive that we are drawn to it in our droves, with the promise of untold wealth, however when we get down to the technicalities of setting up, I.E finding the right product, setting up a website, a capture page, driving traffic, converting leads, and on and on, It is at this stage that over 90% of new marketers drop out, minus the hundreds of dollars they have spent on training packages.

SOOO how can we bypass all this frustration and get to the whole point of being here?
The solution is to find a ready-made system that you can plug into and get started right away.





The Internet is a VAST ocean of information and every now and again, a crest of a wave is formed. The most important factor of any wave is to catch that wave as early as possible.
Don’t miss it, you may never catch another one.

If you would like to avoid the problems we have just discussed and join the crest of the easy money method wave using a FREE Marketing system that can only be considered as “REVOLUTIONARY.” Then you must click Here
….Rather than me trying to put this into words, you have got to see this first hand.


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In todays economic climate it is essential for all of us, whether employed
or not to manage whatever income we have.

Online discount shoppers do this very well, the internet has opened a vast
window of opportunity for bargain hunting, from local stores, or in fact
anywhere in the world. Finding products at the best possible price has never
been easier.

For the online shopper using price comparison sites and searching high and
low is now a thing of the past, the Dubli company have built a unique system
which is free to use,
where you can literally find anything from a needle to an anchor at a price and
location to suit you.

This unique site has a built in intertainment package free to use of  8
million songs that you can stream to your computer, 44 thousand radio stations
playing every genre of music you could think of Free to use,
and for the young at heart thousands of flash games to play
Free to use.

Online discount shoppers will find when they search for an item, that the
lowest price available will appear at the top of the page, they can shop locally
or globally. Not happy with the price? well then tell the system what price you
are prepared to pay, and if and when that price appears, anywhere within your
search area, you will recieve an email to tell you where it is available, so you
can click on the link and grab it online while it is available.

Do you like fun auctions? the Dubli site has two, the express bid auction and
the unique bid auction, on one you can bid for anything from a laptop to a top
of the range car, on the other you can bid for vouchers of various value, were
the value remains the same but the purchase price drops each time someone
bids, and then buy when the price suits you.

Not sure what gift to buy your loved one for Christmas or that special
anniversary? built into the Dubli system is a wish list area, so a quick look in
there to find out what he or she has been looking at, and wishing for, could
give you the clue that is going to make you Mr or Mrs wonderful when that
special gift arrives.


Online discount shoppers, welcome to Dubli the largest online discount
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